Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about BIOPTRON’s Light Therapy and devices. Simply click on the title of a question to view the answer.

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What is the BIOPTRON Light Therapy System (BLTS)?
Are there different devices?
Do the devices come in with floor-stands?
Are BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices medically certified and approved?
Are BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices of Swiss origin, i.e. are they made, developed and manufactured in Switzerland?
Is BIOPTRON Light Therapy used only by medical professionals or also by end-users?
BIOPTRON Light has biostimulative effects. What does this mean?


When can we use BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices?
As for wound healing, what kind of wounds can BIOPTRON Light Therapy be used for?
As for pain treatment, what kind of pain can BIOPTRON Light Therapy treat?
Is it necessary to consult a medical doctor before using BIOPTRON Light Therapy (BLT)?
How should I use BIOPTRON Light Therapy?
What is the duration of a therapy session and how often can BLT be used?
Are there specific hours during the day when the use of BIOPTRON Light Therapy is recommended?
Are the devices easy to use?
How should the treatment area be prepared before a therapy session?
Should I hold the device at a set distance and position?
Does BIOPTRON Light Therapy have any harmful side effects?


What are the unique characteristics of BIOPTRON Light?
What does polarization mean?
What does polychromy mean?
What does incoherency mean?
What is the wavelength of BIOPTRON Light?
Does BIOPTRON Light contain ultraviolet rays?
What is the difference between sunlight and BIOPTRON Light?


How long is the guarantee period for BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices?
Where can I purchase BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices?
Are there Service and Repair Centres for the devices?