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The serendipitous discovery of Fullerene C60, which resulted in the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry, triggered a new field of research, introducing the world to a new kind of symmetric quantum nanomaterials, thus opening an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology and nanomedicine: these studies led scientists and engineers to think of the multiple applications that the C60 could contribute, e.g. new medical treatments even to prolong life.

In 2017, inspired by the properties of the Nobel Prize winning discovery of fullerene molecule and understanding the biology of life, our scientists have developed and patented the unique Hyperlight Optics®, act as nanophotonic generators that transform Vertically Linearly Polarized Light (VLPL) into Hyperpolarized Light with quantum properties. BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight provides: 1. information, 2. energy and 3. vibrations deep into the body, biostructures and organs, bringing the whole body system into homeostasis (internal natural stability).

Quantum Hyperlight (structured light) maintains and restores the disturbed biological structures (structured matter), bringing them into a natural healthy state through the resonance principles of biomimicry, where pattern seeks identical pattern. According to the resonance principles, if two entities (as Quantum Hyperlight and biostructures) possess the same type of symmetry, Quantum Hyperlight as constantly perfect structure will prevail and impose its energetic properties on the disturbed entity - biostructures, bringing it into homeostasis (natural healthy state).

Energetic properties of harmonized light interacting and harmonizing our biomolecules